Unwrap Your Confidence with Sweet Embrace

At Sweet Embrace, our mission is to empower women to wrap their beauty and unwrap their confidence, all while protecting their hair with style and grace. Our headwraps, designed to save precious time, has become a statement of personal style. Sweet Embrace isn't just about headwraps; it's about the women who wear them. It's about you, the mothers, daughters, professionals, and adventurers who are on a journey of
self-discovery and self-care. We are here to simplify protective styling for you, to provide you with headwear that boosts your confidence and celebrates your unique beauty.

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Mustard Halo Wrap - Shop Sweet EMbraCe

    Our little ones deserve to embrace their authentic beauty and protect their hair as they rock stylish headwraps just like mommy!.

    Knot Your Average Turban 
  • Mommy & Me Styles

    Perks of having a mini me is that she can be just as fly as you! Our mommy & me turbans and headbands are perfect gift for new moms as well as moms and daughters of all ages.

    Mommy & Me 

    Our Ladies Headbands are your perfect everyday accessory! With Satin-lined options and tons of colors and prints, you're sure to make a statement at work, at the gym or out with your girls.

    Ladies Headbands